Welcome you to our episode #5 of our “Zoom-Casts Business Pains of Dealing with People” where we are inviting experts to discuss various aspects of common business pains, what are they and how we can make them better! Today I am super delighted to introduced you to one of our go to people’s expert, an experience HR Director, HR transformation and Cheshire based HR Consultancy Owner, Rachel Saunders. In this special zoomcast on HR issues, Rachel not only candidly share with me her super helpful insights but her own journey as a business owner.


In this Episode you will discover:

  1. Insights into the current skill and staffing shortages and helpful pointers
  2. Sensitive subjects such Diversity, Positive Discrimination and Ageism issues affecting Small Businesses and working relationships
  3. Understanding how People’s motivation, culture, values, authenticity and emotional intelligence can help small businesses owners go a long way
  4. Engagement and communication 5. An Rachel’s top word of wisdom for small businesses – Paperwork and Coaching – Getting your paperwork in order and compliant early on helps mitigate pitfalls plus upskill your key workers in coaching skills to coach colleagues!



I hope those listening or watching have enjoyed this special on business pains on dealing and managing people and found it useful! As always, every business pain has it own difficulties but we are here to serve … For more HR insights you can find Rachel directly via her website at https://sunstonehr.co.uk/ and collaborating with https://ashtonconsulting.co.uk/ on HR transformational projects.


You can also book one of our consultants from our Meet the Team page in our website if you need a hand with a particular business pain. Our website is www.betterbusinessathand.app Or Stay Tune by subscribing and check our YouTube Channel for more business pains shorts and specials like this one and how to make them better


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